With most of my life spent in design of my own spaces, I found myself frequently asked by family and friends to do the same with theirs.  Now I've established inDesign to make my professional services available to homeowners like you.  InDesign reflects my belief that the pleasure of a well designed living space is something everyone deserves.  My enthusiasm extends to helping you achieve a beautiful unique design in line with your needs and budget.

    My Approach

My goal is to help create a home environment that elevates your style while maintaining your personality.

I am intrigued by using nature, patina andtexture to amplify the warmthand character of your home.  I take my cues from modern color, textiles, found objects and family heirlooms (as well as happy coincidences!) to produce a design that it always your own.  My personal aesthetic brings together classic design elements with vintage finds and contemporary accents to transform ordinary rooms into warm, inviting, functional spaces to eat, play, work, and entertain.  With the additional talent of my design partner Lynn Schaub, whose expertise includes rehab and re-design, we offer complimentary design styles that encompass traditional to transitional, contemporary to farmhouse and everything in between for our clients. And finally, for today's families, fussy just isn't an option.  I believe in the the strength of focused editing, to ensure the rooms of your home aren't stuffy or cluttered.


The process (or price) of decorating your home shouldn't be a mystery. Collaboration in all aspects of the decor of your home should extend to a clear understanding of budget and service charges between client and professional.  This should never be an uncomfortable or intimidating part of the project.  I look forward to working with you in this exciting, creative challenge!       ~ Kelly Spillers